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Creating my own little “world of languages” was only a matter of time for me... :-) I have always been fascinated by foreign languages, travelling and other cultures. Starting with a successfully completed tourism traineeship, I earned a degree in translation and interpreting studies before starting to work as a translator, language trainer and tour guide. All of that finally led me to founding my own language world of Sprache3.


At Sprache3 language competence meets sophisticated and constantly evolving didactics, which enables you to achieve results in learning languages easily and quickly, lose your inhibitions in your spoken performance, discover the fascination of multilingualism, and enjoy speaking in your chosen foreign language ... :-)

Why learn with Sprache3?

● We use modern media and prepare topics discussed in the course so that you can access them from your mobile phone at any time. Thus, you decide yourself when and where (whether from your couch, on the way home or during your travels) you want to improve your language skills.

● Consolidate what you have learned independently and practice your pronunciation using additional course content provided in the form of various exercises in an app.

● We focus on conversation to make you a real storyteller at every language level!!! Sometimes it is difficult to imagine how the vocabulary you have already learned can be used to communicate better. You have come to the right place! We analyse your vocabulary and help you use and deepen it in other contexts. You will naturally use your language skills more easily and freely in conversations and enhance them.

● On top of that, your individual learning content will be adapted not only to your specific needs (such as your schedule or pace of learning) but also to your own manner of speaking.

Your benefits

● Our enthusiastic approach will take you on a foreign language learning journey in your target language and will enable you to discover new joy in learning foreign languages. With Sprache3 you will reach your learning goals quickly and efficiently and will be able to communicate in your foreign language freely and with unexpected joy.

● You will benefit from experienced language experts and will not only immerse in the language, but also in the culture of your target country. This prepares you for spontaneous conversations with native speakers while expanding your horizon.

You will learn flexibly, in a relaxed and motivating atmosphere, with lots of fun, and first and foremost with a focus on conversation.

 You will always have everything with you and decide yourself when you can and want to learn.


Let us get in touch today, we are looking forward to seeing you! :-)))

Mag. phil. Jitka Petrová & team



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